Soybean seed processing: spiral separator

Edição XXI | 02 - Mar . 2017

Silmar Teichert Peske - | Francisco Amaral Villela -

    The soybean seeds are received from the field with different undesirable materials, which must be removed during processing. These materials are stems, weed seeds, pods, deformed seeds (due to insect attack or problems in the maturation phase), splits, green and immature seeds, among other materials, and are estimated to represent 8 to 12% of weight of the seed lot. In the course of the processing steps in the machines, undesirable materials are removed together with seed discards, which together can reach, on average, 25 to 30% of the seed lot, depending on the nature and quantity of the undesirable materials, model, sequence and regulation of the machines used and the quality standards to be achieved.



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