Hybrid rice attracting ever more adherents

Edição XIV | 06 - Nov . 2010

Equipe SEEDnews - seednews@seednews.inf.br

    First launched in Brazil 10 years ago, hybrid rice is increasingly gaining ground and improving their qualities and characteristics. To ensure the production that benefits everyone involved in the rice chain - farmers, industries and, of course, consumers - the RiceTec, a traditional company in the sector, has developed a series of programs that seek to help, ask questions and clarify best practices for management of the hybrids which are produced. Among the actions for the industry sector, there are visits by the company professionals, accompanying a series of tests to analyze the grain characteristics from different seeds of multinational companies. Janice Machado, Quality Analyst Industrial of RiceTec, has been visiting, since last July, different companies and reporting to SEED News what she has been observing.



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