Red Rice in the Pre-Germinated System: current status and overview

Edição XIII | 04 - Jul . 2009

José Alberto Noldin -

    The state of Santa Catarina - Brazil currently has nearly 150 thousand ha of irrigated rice area, being almost fully cultivated on the pre-germinated system. As productivity is concern, in the middle 1970’s, it was only 2.3 t/ha, currently reaching levels higher than 7.0 t/ha . The evolution of productivity in Santa Catarina occurred due to several factors, among which highlights the use of cultivars of high productive potential, adapted to pre-germinated system, the use of high quality seeds, and the change in the cultivating system, especially in Coastal and Southern areas, which from 1980’s on, shifted from the conventional system – sowing on dry soil, irrigating afterwards – to the pre-germinated system, in which seeds are pre-germinated and sown in a thin layer of water. 



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