Performance of Soybean Cultivars

Edição XV | 05 - Set . 2011

Alexandre Levien - | José Hennigen - | Victor Sommer -

    Between 1998 and 2011, the number of new soybean cultivars registered in Brazil nearly quadrupled, going from 186 to 848 after the enactment of the Plant Protection Law of 1997. As a result, it became more difficult for agronomists and farmers to answer the question of what are the best cultivars for my customer’s region/field? It is known that the choice of cultivar(s) is the main determining variable for success in agricultural. However, it is not enough that they are new–they must be appropriate to each situation. The main objective of the Pro-Seed Foundation in testing the commercial cultivars is to produce information on their agronomic performance, especially for soybeans and wheat.



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