The challenges in creating new cultivars

Nº XXIII | 06 - Nov - 2019

The challenges in creating new cultivars

Fabricio Becker Peske

Agriculture facing its technical challenges, the contribution of technologies

Bernard Le Buanec

Soybean seed production in the 2039/40 crop year

Manfred Schmid

Transgenics and biological factories

Liliane Henning

Innovation, quality seed, and seed choice for farmers: Continuing the dialogue in South Africa

Equipe SEEDnews

The Brazilian grassland seed industry is ready for the future challenges

Cacilda B. do Valle

The logic behind seed pricing

Celito Missio

The Seed Business in the Americas

Silmar Teichert Peske

7th SAA Congress

150 years of seed testing

Equipe SEEDnews

Philosophy, mobility and intellectual arrogance

Eleri Hamer


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