Seed Treatment

Nº XXIII | 04 - Jul - 2019

Seed Treatment

Silmar Teichert Peske

technology that reinvents itself

How one company is re-thinking seed sorting

Profile Industries

Advertising report

ISF Congress:

Equipe SEEDnews

seed is life

A funny theme

Eleri Hamer

The magical seed world:

Maria de Fátima Zorato

information from a living organism

Challenges of the use of moleculars markers in genetic purity and cultivar identification

Liliane Henning

The seed in the ecophysiological strategy for high performance Does your seed has a price or a value?

Tiago Zanatta Aumonde

Hybrid seeds Technology, value and complexity

Luiz Carlos Pascuali

The centennial long and winding road of seeds and crop varieties from 1940 to 2040

Miguel Angel Rapela


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