Seed Business in Paraguay

Nº VIII | 05 - Set - 2004

Seed Business in Paraguay

José Arnando Paiva Aguero

Seed Health in New Zealand

John Hampton

Quality Systems in Seed Testing Laboratories

A. Conrado de Lima

Artificial Cooling and Seed Quality

Francisco Ayala Barreto

Loading Seed Dressings from Treater to Sowing

Hermann Platzen

Adventitious Presence of GM Seeds in Conventional Seed Lots

Michael Mushick

International Agréments Influencing the Seed Industry

Bernard Le Buanec

Tropical Pasture Diversification Through Selection and Breeding of Forages

Cacilda B. do Valle

Processes to Add Quality and Value to the Seeds

Leopoldo Baudet

The Seed Performance Triangle

James Delouche


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